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© 2018 by Alessandra Pagliuca

Ritratti e decorazioni

If you want to make a gift out of the ordinary, or give yourself one, the commissioned portrait is a decidedly elegant and much sought solution.
Alessandra has been producing commissioned portraits and art copies for years, with one
hyper-realistic style that has always characterized her work and a search for accurate detail. The portraits can be made from the real in the atelier or from one or more photographs, and can be delivered throughout Italy and abroad.
It is important that the quality of the photos is suitable and that the shots proposed for the realization of the portrait are in high definition.

NB: all the portraits are entirely hand-painted and are always accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity which will attest to the value and originality of the work in the future. The processing begins with a white cloth and is spread from three to four colored veils.

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oil, paper inserts and gold lea

on canvas or panel


Oil on canvas or panel

Pencil and charcoal

Pastel or Sanguigne

Pencil portraits
Oil portraits

From the decoration of private rooms to the complete restyling of the walls of the Volvo and Renault Truck offices.
Alessandra has always had a passion for large wall decorations and perspective paintings.
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Wall painting

Murals & Trompe l'oeil

Children's bedrooms